Why Konnect Diagnostics

Konnect Diagnostics, a leading diagnostic center with 8 branches in Telangana.

Konnect Diagnostics has a certified & qualified team of professionals consisting of various specializations – Radiologists, Pathologists, Doctors and Technicians.

We are striving hard in providing outstanding quality services in all our branches to be a pioneer with all the latest technologies & advancements and also caliber technicians & professionals.

We vow to deliver extremely high quality diagnostic solutions to all our patients as per their convenience.

We provide quick service to our patients with high level of transparency & accuracy.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent services with a 24 hour turn around or faster on all the reports.

Accreditations & Approvals

Konnect Diagnostics - NABL LogoWe Konnect Diagnostics, pride ourselves to be said as a NABL certified laboratory. This certification leads us a step more forward and shoulder-on responsibility to provide quality diagnostic care for our patients to meet the required standards and excellent quality.

Konnect Diagnostics - ICMR Logo

Konnect Diagnostics gets ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research ) approval and recognition to explore our health services.


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