Konnect Diagnostic Centres - World Health Day 2022April 7th of every year since 1948, it is considered as World Health Day. It is celebrated globally to seek attention on the health issues that are concreted all over the world.

    World Health Day also meant to create awareness among the people regarding current global health crisis and well-being.

    The Theme of world Health Day 2022 is “Our Planet, Our Health.” It clears that the health of the planet is also a factor for the health of the society and all the living things such as animal, plants also.

    Many campaigns run across for World Health Day where the programs and activities emphasize on the independent social behaviors that affects the environmental health. The theme for this year by WHO focus on the brings addressing of the important issues that keep human and planet healthy.

    Withstanding the pandemic from the last couple of years, the over-all global health is marked much importance for the generations. The flaws brought out by COVID-19 to the society has effective impact in the focus items of World Health Day this year.

    Among all the biggest threats in pandemic to people is climate crisis where in the pollution of the planet affects the health of the mankind by increasing the disease conditions like Asthma, Cancer, and Cardiac health conditions. There is an impact of COVID-19 on the cardiorespiratory functioning which must be addressed.

    Let’s unite and walk hand in hand for the best health of the humanity on this World Health Day bringing awareness among many on the primary health issues.