Konnect Diagnostics - National Safe Motherhood dayNational SAFE MOTHERHOOD DAY – April’11.

    Safe Motherhood ensures all women to be safe during their entire cycle of pregnancy and early delivery stages.

    Safe Motherhood Day aims to work hard to provide better medical facilities to pregnant or new mothers to reduce the maternal mortality rate. This day raises awareness about adequate care to be given during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period.

    Women’s safety and right to live under any condition is of higher importance. So let’s join our hands together to support Safe Motherhood.

    Konnect Diagnostics is also contributing a part for the safety of mother and child with its new branch –  Konnect Center for Fetal Medicine where the services and diagnosis offered include:

    • Fetal Imaging and Fertility
    • Genetic Counselling
    • Fetal and Maternal Interventions
    • Blood Investigations
    • Virtual fetal Museum (VR Tour)
    • 3D Fetal face printing

    Please visit our Konnect Diagnostics branches and also Fetal Medicine Unit @ 1,2 Floors, NCL Complex, HT Road, Kompally, Hyderabad.