Konnect Diagnostics Center, Kompally - OmicronOmicron is defined and having designated as the coronavirus variant by WHO.

    The severity and spreading of the disease is yet to be known. But as declared as a corona virus strain, the infection may be transmissible and impacts the healthy system.


    The current widely used PCR tests continue to detect the infection Omicron.


    Few precautions or effective steps to be taken by the individuals to stop the spread are released by WHO and those include:

    1. Maintain physical distance of at least 1m
    2. Wear mask regularly
    3. Wash and sanitise the hands
    4. Avoid crowded places
    5. Be more in highly ventilated areas
    6. Get vaccinated

    Konnect Diagnostics, as a part of Omicron infection detection plays a crucial role by providing PCR tests in all its branches and provides quick reports with high level of accuracy.