Multi Detector Computed Tomography, more commonly called as MDCT scan is a radiological imaging technique which uses a series of special X-rays to click the pictures of our body and get a computer processed cross-sectional images of bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside the body.

At Konnect Diagnostics, we invest in the latest CT scanning equipment to carryout smooth process of scan for our patients which provides extremely outstanding results in a reliable manner. We provide CT of thorax, abdomen brain, neck, bones and joints and many other major parts of the body to diagnose any abnormalities and treat accordingly as per the patients convenience.

List of Tests

CECT abdomen

CT enterography

CT enteroclysis

Triphasic CT for hepatic and pancreatic lesions

CT virtual colonoscopy / endoscopy

CT – Brain

CT – Brain with orbits

CT – Cervical / dorsal / lumbar spine

CT – Myelogram

CT – Neck angiogram

CT – Brain angiogram

CT – thorax / HRCT

CECT thorax

CT – Pulmonary angiogram

CT – virtual bronchoscopy

CT/CECT abdomen



CT – Pulmonary angiogram

CT – abdominal angiogram

CT – enterography


CT – Urogram

CT – renal mass protocol

CT – adrenal mass protocol

CT – cystogram

CT – sinogram / fistulogram

CT – renal angiogram


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