Konnect Diagnostics - World Tuberculosis Day 2022World Tuberculosis Day – Invest to end TB; Save Lives!!

    Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the cause of the infection/ disease Tuberculosis. It spreads when a person with active TB disease in their lungs, coughs or sneezes and if someone else inhales the expelled droplets, which contains TB bacteria.

    Symptoms of Tuberculosis include:

    1. Cough for 3 weeks or more
    2. Cough with blood or mucous
    3. Chest pain while breathing or coughing
    4. Weight loss
    5. Fatigue
    6. Fever
    7. Loss of Apetite

    Diagnosis of TB plays a vital role when a person has been suffering with cough for more than 3 weeks or so.

    Konnect Diagnostics facilitates the diagnosis of TB by various test procedures which includes:

    1. Sputum test for TB
    2. TB culture test
    3. Gold standard test for TB diagnosis

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